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MIC is one of the best institutes for digital marketing in Bhopal. we’re looking for emerging and interested students for learning Digital marketing at the next level. Digital advertising is sort of an umbrella time period that consists of all the present-day advertising and marketing techniques. focused to provide excellent service of Digital marketing with SEO, SEM, PPC, and many more Services in Bhopal.

Best Institute For Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Computer Training Institute

Mostly, digital marketing is the promotion of products or services. a digital marketing strategy considers it used in the market for the sale of any product or service in any industry by organizing online content that is important to the buyers’ needs. We promote our business through digital marketing to gain huge profit in less time with the source of mobile phones, the Internet, social media and others. in a simple way we can’t reach many people at a time but in digital marketing, we can reach too many peoples in just one click.

There is a lot of job in this field, but there is a lack of people to do the job because many people don’t aware of that. There are various options to work as a freelance or work in sitting at home but, the condition is that students should be capable to get a project online of digital marketing.

Here, MIC is Best Institute for Digital Marketing, will provide 100% practical knowledge. We are aware of the students from the real digital world. After successfully training, students will be able to pass Google certification tests, they will get a better online project as a freelancer to work at sitting at home and also get a job in a good company with its dream salary package.

After a successful course, students can express their own success paths in the online digital world. Online progression takes place by building websites, writing blog posts, leading out to target audiences through social media platforms, eBooks, online advertisements, etc.

SEO Training

SEO service

MIC Provide Best SEO training in Bhopal with 100% practical classes.

Importance of SEO Training

SEO is the heart of Digital Marketing.

SEO attains for Search Engine Optimization. it’s all about optimizing a website in search engines and rank on Google’s first page.

IMP facts about SEO Training

– SEO takes the organic result on a website or apps without an investment of money.

– Designing and developing a website or apps to rank on search engine results.

– Improving the quality and volume of traffic on the website or apps.

– Understanding how search engine work, and what human visitors can search.

– How to follow Google algorithm rules so that the ranking of the website or apps doesn’t fall down

Course Type

There are We have two types of courses In Digital Marketing:-

(1) Basic Digital Marketing

(2) Advance Digital Marketing – WordPress, YouTube & Photoshop (Basic)

Usually, We have seen that, when students search for online work in digital marketing, they unable to get succeed. Somewhere in digital marketing, we also have to work a little bit in coding and if we work online, then we have to do all the work on ourselves, either we don’t get an online project or get a good salary. Looking at these problems, MIC has added WordPress, YouTube, and basic Photoshop in the institute for digital marketing so that students can get a good job or be able to start their own online business.

Why WordPress?

Most websites had made on WordPress and when we have to works in a company or takes a project online if we have knowledge of WordPress, then we will definitely be able to do that work easily. if we don’t have WordPress knowledge we couldn’t take any WordPress project. That’s why MIC has added WordPress in the Syllabus.

Why YouTube?

Today most people prefer to watch videos rather than images. If you work hard on YouTube and work on youtube according to its rules it will not be a big deal to be popular one-day .you see, a lot of traffic comes from YouTube on the website and there are good chances of earning on YouTube through Google Adsense. Due to this, most people want to become YouTubers.

Why Photoshop?

In this era of selfies, everyone wants his photo to be popular on social media, get more likes or more and more comments. Some people also use the application to create their photos, but the really photoshop can do that work applications can’t do that. Similarly,  we also post images on social media that are related to our business. images creation, posting and promoting that the part of social media. when we create attractive images then we grow traffic on our website. the visitors attract on that image, clicks on that and comes to our website. this is another important way to increase traffic on our website.

That’s the reason we should have knowledge of Photoshop for digital marketing.



Course Fee : 12,000 Rs.


Course Fee : 15,000 Rs.


1.SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2.SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
3.SEO (Social Media Optimization)
4.Basic HTML
5.Google Analytics
6.Google Search Console (Web master)
7.E-mail Marketing
8.Affiliate Marketing
9.Understanding of Google Algorithms
10.YouTube Marketing
11.Mobile Marketing
12.SEO on WordPress Website
13.How to Create Social Media Post
1.Basic Digital Maketing +
2.WordPress Training
3.Domain Hosting
4.Basic Photoshop (Required in Digital Marketing)
5.YouTube Training